Information & Updates

 Cemetery & Office Closures in 2023


Our Cemeteries are open on all statutory holidays unless the day falls out on a Jewish holy day. The Cemeteries and our Administrative Office are closed on all Saturdays for Shabbat, and will also be closed on the following dates in 2023 for Jewish holidays.


Sunday January 1 New Year’s Day
Thursday April 6 1st day Passover
Friday April 7 2nd day Passover
Wednesday April 12 7th day Passover
Thursday April 13 8th day Passover
Friday May 26 Shavous
Sunday September 17 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah
Monday September 25 Yom Kippur
Sunday October 1 2nd day Sukkot
Sunday October 8 Simchat Torah
Monday December 25 Xmas  *may open for burials only*


     Cemetery Extended Hour Dates in 2023 

Gates remain open until 6:00 PM but office closes at 4:00 PM
Sunday May 14 Mother’s Day
Sunday June 18 Father’s Day
Thursday September 21 Between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur