Monument Dealers

We strongly encourage you to consult with your rabbi, or a rabbi, when considering a memorial for your loved one. Rabbis can assist you with the spelling of Hebrew names and phrases and may also suggest appropriate inscriptions and ways to memorialize your loved one. Our office carefully reviews all requests for memorials which will be placed at our cemeteries so as to ensure that the solemnity and dignity of the cemeteries are adhered to and maintained as our community would expect and in accordance with our Rules.

As a guide to you, please note how we will review any design requests for a monument or a marker. The word “design” includes text inscriptions, images and symbols.

  • Monuments are intended primarily to memorialize and honour the deceased. While they are visited by the family and friends, they are also viewed by all other members of the  community who pass by. Further, in Jewish tradition, cemeteries are specifically  consecrated at the outset, and are intended to project an atmosphere of holiness,  sacredness, solemnity, dignity, and decorum. Text or images which may provoke levity in  strangers passing by, are not appropriate;
  • No human likeness (except stylized raised hands) or animal likeness (except stylized lions or approved stylized doves) shall be part of the design. A Star of David, a menorah, a washing cup, or other traditional Jewish symbols may be part of the design. A relatively small symbol reflective of the deceased may also be part of the design and may be located at the bottom quarter of the front of the Monument and shall be no larger than 7.5 inches (height) x 7.5 inches (length);
  • Trademarked images or images of a commercial nature will not be approved;
  • The only inscriptions which shall be permitted on the back side of the monument shall be the last name of the deceased (and first name if also desired), the words ‘Holocaust Survivor’, as well as the names of immediate family members who perished in the Holocaust;
  • Nothing shall be affixed to the Monument or Marker; and
  • Our Organization, in its sole discretion, will decide as to whether or not a design is in keeping with the foregoing. All elements of the design of the Monument or Marker must  be approved by our Organization.

Only monument firms listed on this page may place monuments and markers in our cemeteries. These firms are familiar with our rules and specifications regarding all memorials permitted in our cemeteries. If you wish to make arrangements for a monument or marker to be installed in one of our cemeteries, you should communicate directly with any of the listed firms.

In accordance with Provincial law, a levy may be paid before a monument or a marker is installed at the cemeteries, depending on the size of the memorial.

You must contact our Administrative Office at 416.223.1373 so that we can approve your proposed unveiling date and time. This will assist us in preparing for the unveiling and arranging for traffic controllers during busy dates due to unveilings. Unfortunately, we have experienced situations where we are not always advised about monument unveilings. This makes it very difficult for our cemetery staff to prepare for unveilings and direct guests to the gravesite. Also, it is unfair to those families who do let us know about their plans for an unveiling and they run into problems with an unveiling that we did not know about which might be right near theirs, at the same time. If you are considering an unveiling date, you should know that our cemeteries are very busy with unveilings on Sundays in warmer months from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. If it is possible, we suggest either having the unveiling (if it is going to be on a Sunday) at a time before 10:30 a.m. or after 1 p.m.



Alef’s Fairlawn Monuments  416.784.5268

Bear Monument and Stone Company 647.919.5308

Benjamin’s Landmark Monuments  416.780.0635

Howard Izenberg Monuments  416.562.4268

Izenberg-Goldberg Monuments  416.787.0319

Monument Direct 416.640.8380 or 1.877.754.4777

Stonecraft  Monuments Limited  416.667.1474

Yad Vashem Monuments  416.782.8995


Prices between the consumer and the monument dealer will be exclusively determined by mutual consent of those parties.

Two or more of the above monument dealers are related businesses.

Bathurst Lawn has no financial agreement with any Monument Dealer